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Introducing LiveTrack24Lite

The first iPhone client tracker for LiveTrack24, has special meaning for us. Our company head flies paragliders (and previous to that, hang gliders) as a way to relax and blow off steam. In 2003 a voice in Fiesch said "Hey, I know you". And sure enough, Scotty Marion had flown with Peter - in Utah 5 years earlier. Shortly after the world cup event in Switzerland was finished, word went out that Scotty was missing. With the weather that day and the conditions being what they were, he could have gone anywhere within 2/3rds of Switzerland. That's a lot of ground to search.

And he's still missing... which should have never happened.

The tracker client (click on the tab bar for the other views) - or view more in the user manual




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Release 1.4.1 May 18, 2010

- Speed improvements
- Airspace on map view when not tracking
- Fast filter access on live map
- English/Metric units available
- All Google map types available

Release 1.4.0 May 5, 2010

- Window shades for Track Detail

Release 1.3.5 April 7, 2010

- Direct upload to Leonardo OLC servers

Release 1.3.1 March 17, 2010

- Fix stale coordinate cache bug

Release 1.3.0 February 20, 2010

- Adds Airspace objects
- Auto shutoff timer
- More vehicles added
- App settings are now inside
- Track titles editable.

Release 1.2.0 September 22, 2010

- Adds Live Map view
- Support for IGC export

info screen message screen Home screen Live Map View